Who I Am

One Man Rock Band is an American hard rock band formed in Whittier California in 2010. It was founded by drummer, guitarist, bassist, vocalist, Scott Gerling as a one-man hard rock band. Inspired by the likes of AC/DC, Aerosmith, Metallica, UFO, and Foo Fighters.

As a child growing up in Southern California, I was exposed to many kinds of music. My Dad played acoustic guitar, and piano. My Mom was an elementary school teacher. Both of my parents had a hand in guiding my musical training.

After High School, I played drums in a semi-pro rock band called Poni that toured Southern California clubs in hopes of getting a record deal. It didn’t pan out, and the band broke up, but I continued to play with numerous other bands in search of the same dream.

By the time I was 28 I had become disheartened working with other musicians because they either did not have the talent, or the drive to take the dream all the way to the top. This gave me the fuel I needed to begin playing guitar.

One Man Rock Band , AC/DC, Aerosmith, Metallica, UFO, and Foo Fighters

In the early 1990’s I became fixated on the guitar. Learning as much as I could on my own and taking lessons from the local music store. Later on to jazz players and finally studying under the wing of Craig Goldy the guitar player for Dio.

By 1995 I began writing songs, and experimenting with mixing and layering guitar parts on a karaoke boom box. The consumer recording and mixing work stations at that time was very hard to come by and the primitive analogue machines were not powerful enough to record anything that sounded anything better than garage band quality.

In 2000 I got my first real Digital Audio Workstation. A Roland VS-840. Still primitive by today’s standards, but a HUGE step up from the cassette tape recordings I was doing in the 90’s. From the time I got this machine I began writing full and complete rock tunes that included, drums, bass, guitar, keyboards, and vocals.

The songs were good, but I wanted to make a real statement with his music. Highway Star by Deep Purple was a favorite song of mine in 2009. About that time I had enrolled in Pasadena City College and attended music classes. As a dare to myself, I began learning and recording the song Highway Star.

The reason this song was such a stretch for me was because Highway Star was a 6 minute song that had two impossibly brilliant “twin” solos, that had two keyboard parts, and two guitar parts. Both required harmonizing. it took about three months to learn, play and master this song. It came out to perfection. Later, I created the first One Man Rock Band video with this song and posted it to Youtube with real support and accolade from Deep Purple fans.

This became another turning point for me as I became even more determined to succeed as a One Man Band.

In 2012 I purchased Logic Pro X. A professional recording work station and began refining my ability to engineer my own music to radio quality standards.

By 2015 I had written over one hundred songs, and the sound was getting tighter and better. I began reading as much as I could about music marketing, and decided to trademark the name One Man Rock Band, as many other artists seem to want to use this title as well.

About this time a song I had been writing “King Kong” aka “Foo Fighters meet KING KONG!” With this song, I had what I needed to hit the airwaves with. In early 2016 One Man Rock Band was signed to Canadian-American Records because of KING KONG! Canadian American is the very first record company to form in the United States dedicated to Rock n Roll music.

How One Man Rock Band got signed.

One day, Joey Welz of Bill Haley and the Comets called me while I was on vacation in Sedona Arizona and said “Is this Scott Gerling the One Man Rock Band? Buddy, you rock!” It went really fast from there. Canadian-American Records is a music distributor to over 9,000 terrestrial and digital radio stations that log music through Neilson Billboard Sound Scan, a company who tracks sales and airplay numbers. We want you on OUR label! I was ecstatic.

In July of 2016 distribution of One Man Rock Band’s debut album “Power X” will be distributed to these 9,000 stations world wide, on the strength of the songs: King Kong! and California Man.

One Man Rock Band’s national success as a household name is on the horizon. His ReverbNation page is consistently in the top 10 in California and in the top 40 charts of hard rock Nationally and Globally.

At the moment of this writing Friday April 29, 2016, I am writing a new song called “TRUMP and Double Down.” The song is meant to inspire national patriotism by supporting Donald Trump as the next American president. Trump is a high energy candidate, a very powerful and skilled negotiator and stands for the rights of the American people. I hope to energize people with this song.”