In Support…

One Man Rock Band is supporting Donald Trump for President of the United States. He knows just how to cut the bullshit. He represents the rebellion of the people. He is a big middle finger to the government elite (the Establishment), and is a blissful enema to most of the media.

He is not politically correct. He speaks his mind, and always seems to get to the heart of the matter whenever he speaks. He is a straight shooter, and he is business smart. The United States needs him because the average American middle class worker needs him. The problem is, at the moment we are being narrated to by the media. They are continually “Headlining” some kind of a false morality on us. Opinion news reporters are almost unilaterally driving a stratagem that supports illegal immigration, the dismantling of The Constitution, and globalization at the expense of the U.S. middle class worker. And now asserting that all Trump supporters are racist, and worse than that, and on, and on, and on………..

As a Trump supporter, I get called a racist a lot. I am not a racist. I reject the label 100%. I voted for Obama, twice. I voted on his character, not his color, as I do with all people. I stand with the legal American, no matter what color, sexual orientation, or religion they might be so long as they love America and follow the laws.

I am tired of gun law proposals that aim to limit our 2nd Amendment freedoms. I am sick of being ”tolerant” at the expense of common sense. All of these things are compounded by the opinion “news” media. Man, what bullshit they’re heaping on us!  The country is fucking drowning in their opinions, and they just keep Headlining more!

We need a leader with BALLS! The U.S. used to be number one in almost every respectable category. Currently, as a nation of brilliant citizens, we are misrepresented, and falling apart. I don’t know about you, but the slogan “America first” sounds good to me about now. Trump is strong on these issues and at the same time, tough on idiotic people who ever they are. More importantly, I believe he will hold The U.S. Senate accountable to the average American first. That has not been the case for many, many, years. As a working man myself, that’s music to my ears, and it inspired the music and lyrics on this page.

TRUMP and Double Down is the new Hard Hitting Rock song in support of Donald Trump for President of the United States of America. Rock on Don!

~Scott Gerling

TRUMP and Double Down [LYRICS]

Things got to stop across the border
You want to be here better get in line
You can’t steal American freedom
And hideaway, and think that it’s fine

Ol’ Bern is playing kids and colleges
Get your Harvard education free!
Entitled babies, want a spoon in the mouth
and the gravy from me

Trump and double down on the deal and the money you have to work to get the milk and honey
Nothing comes for free in this land of freedom we either have law or we’re broke!

*Order in the court!

He caught a man rigging the system
To cheat the people at the voting line
He called him out in front of reporters ha!
Drew back and blackened his eye!

Ol’ Hilary wants to take your gun away
The pressing issues L B T or Gay?!

*Baby just cover-up, we’ll look the other way

Trump and double down on the deal and the money you want a handout but you won’t work honey
nothing comes for free in this land of freedom, you either work now or be broke!

*Stay on ’em Don, the silent majority is behind you!

1st SOLO

it ain’t about race, religion
or color just defending our democracy

Stand and deliver!
High energy!

Trump and double down on the deal and the money
Holy media
Trump and double down on the deal and the money!

2nd SOLO