In Support of TRUMP...

“Donald TRUMP is the BADDEST man in the land and should be celebrated as one of our finest American citizens. He is a champion of the American people and defender of American rights. To characterize him in any other way is to misunderstand the spirit of his mission.”

The amount of corruption and ugliness we face in Washington is unbearable. Clinton, and Obama have systematically dismantled any trust that is supposed to exist between the people and our government. I am truly sickened by the lies, and actions of these two people. And to think, I voted for Obama twice.

Who else but Donald Trump has the balls to stand up and knock the shit out of about half of the Republican party, 90% of the media, and 95% of the House Democrats. It’s not shocking to learn the expelled group were the corrupt ones.

I am dedicating Bad Boy Boogie to Donald Trump because he is the rainmaker, asskicker, and iron fist we need. This song is also dedicated to ALL TRUMP supporters who feel attacked for supporting him simply because he has the courage to stand up for the average American citizen, no matter what color, race, religion or gender.

God Bless the Bad Boy Donald Trump!

~Scott Gerling

One man Rock Band


On the day I was born the rain fell down
There was trouble brewing in my home town
It was the seventh day, I was the seventh son
And it scared the hell out of everyone

They said stop, I said go
They said fast, I said slow
They said yes, I said no
I do the bad boy boogie

Being a bad boy ain’t that bad
I’ve had me more dirty cookies than most men ever had
All you people come along with me
And I’ll show you how good a bad boy can be

I said right and they said left
I said east and they said west
I said up and they said down
I do the bad boy boogie all over town

I want to tell you no story, tell you no lie
I was born to love till the day I die
I just line them up and I knock them down
And they all came running when the word got round
(Pussies run!)