Dancing About Architecture

By ~Dave Franklin November 22, 2017

TRUMP Bad Boy Boogie

I guess it is only fair that after a couple of reviews of songs and videos who have been, let’s say,  less than supportive of the controversial US Commander-in-Chief, I should include one from an artist who is totally in his corner. And why not, this is a music review site, all political conclusions, debates and arguments can be had elsewhere and on your own time.  Balance, thats what that is.

Even before we get into the intricacies of the song, One Man Rock Band is a neat concept and does pretty much what it says on the tin. Scott Gerling, the “One Man” in question plays all the instruments himself and it is easy to see where his inspiration comes from.

He sounds like any number of bands that you saw live over the last few decades, which you enjoyed but can’t quite remember, ones who should have made it big but didn’t get the chance to step through the door to the big leagues. Nothing to do with the music, it is as tightly and energetically delivered as any of those bands who went on to live the dream. I’m just saying that there were loads for who the dice roll didn’t result in the big win. The ones who opened up for AC/DC, toured with Aerosmith, got into a back stage fist-fight with Motley Crue or who blew Foo Fighters off stage back in the early days. It is brash, confrontational, testosterone fuelled and old-school, a bit like, some might say, the man he is celebrating on this song.

He sees the man as “the rainmaker, ass kicker, and iron fist America needs, the champion of the American people, and defender of American ideals…that to characterise him in any other way is to misunderstand the spirit of his mission.” And whilst I’m sure that there will be as many people agreeing as disagreeing with his position, isn’t that the point of music? Music should raise issues, support causes, spark debate, cause arguments and generally pick fights and Scott is well aware of this. But this is a music review site so let’s leave the soapbox aside for the moment, let the politics play out elsewhere and get back to the music.

It is everything that you want an old-school inspired, classic rock referencing rock beast of a song to be. It gets down to the point with driving back beats, pumping bass lines, vocals from the Bon Scott book of evensong , white hot guitar work and razor wire riffs. Straight down the line, no gimmick, clean limbed, angry, rock music just as the god of Chuck Berry and Jack Daniels intended.


Skope Mag

by ~Beach Sloth October 12, 2016

One Man Rock Band’s “Basket Of Deplorables” captures a raw visceral sense of power. Deserving to be blasted as loud as possible, the song’s defiance works wonders. By far the heart and soul of the track rests with the commanding, shouted lyrics that rise above the rollicking hard-hitting rhythms Throughout the track it is the attention to the carefully crafted lyrics that really drive the song giving it a true feeling of authenticity. Slowly but surely One Man Rock Band lets the song unfurl growing ever more all-encompassing. At times the song taps into the best of classic rock’s sense of rebellion.

Wasting no time in setting the mood, One Man Rock Band starts with a singular sampled quote. From this spark comes the rest of the track, as the song focuses on those who have been unfairly marginalized with a singular, dismissive statement. One Man Rock Band uses the song to identify exactly what could have been responsible for such an out of touch, tone-deaf kind of response. Guitar riffs adorn the song and One Man Rock Band effortlessly merges this with the untamed rhythms. Flourishes appear throughout the song revealing a strong sense of play embedded deep within its message. Lyrics focus on exactly how a person can be unnecessarily targeted without any effort being given to really know them. Instead, as the lyrics state, the ability to know a person has been ruined by broad, unfair generalizations.

“Basket Of Deplorables” shows off One Man Rock Band’s undeniable skill and unruly spirit.


Miami New Times Crossfade

S. Pajot May 03, 2011

There’s no better way to express pure joy than the art of song. So when the news broke on Sunday that Obama had killed Osama, a giddy mob of superpatriotic Americans flocked to special spots like the White House, Ground Zero, and Times Square to musically convey its overwhelming excitement and gushing happiness over Bin Laden getting a bullet in the brain.

There were catchy chants of “USA!” and sing-along renditions of “The Star-Spangled Banner” and exalted choruses of “We Are the Champions.” Meanwhile, though, other citizens of these United States were too lazy to leave their bedrooms, choosing instead to broadcast their celebratory tunes via the internet. Out of five YouTube songs celebrating the death of Osama Bin Laden, One Man Rock Band’s “We Shall Never Surrender” is number one!

Saving the best celebratory tune for last, we here at Crossfade present Scott Gerling’s self-described “One Man Rock Band” tribute to the brave men and women in our armed services. It’s entitled “We Shall Never Surrender!” and it belongs to the most American of all music genres, hard rock. In the description for this vid, Gerling writes: “To say that I am jubilant that this insane asshole is gone is an understatement.” Sing it, Scotty! And get this shit on iTunes ASAP!